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people mistake the innate need for love as someone being desperate

we as people need other people and love of all kinds to survive, it is a fact

that’s not desperation, your needs just need to be met and don’t ever feel bad about that



when u tryna help out ya ugly friend


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 Brand New- Drake

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For anyone who doesn’t know who Michael Brown is or what’s been going on in Ferguson

  • Saturday Aug. 9, 2014: Reports out of Ferguson, MO. that a 17 y/o boy was shot 10 times by police over stolen candy
  • He is identified as 18 y/o Michael Brown. The store Mike Brown…


can we have one damn body song that doesn’t have to do with getting a man hard? is that what body positivity is now? ‘well (insert man) like my shape so now i know im beautiful’. yikes.






Why White people are not coming out against the racism in Ferguson. He is dead on.

I could chill with this dude.

I want to thank this man for telling some serious truth. And he didn’t do it in a way that makes him come off as disingenuous. It’s not patronizing. It’s just honest. We don’t ever get that much out of the people who consider themselves “progressive”. He definitely has the right perspective on it. Plus, I just really like that he’s fired up about it. That gives me hope.


This is the only type of white dude I could ever seriously date.